I highly recommend Jason at Bald Eagle. He made the inspection process very enjoyable and answered all of my questions in a thorough and respectful way. He did a complete inspection and covered everything that should be done. His report was comprehensive and well written with a lot of photos to document every part of the inspection. And it was sent very soon after the inspection. His rates are very reasonable and the lowest compared to other prices in the area. I used him for a regular home inspection and also for a mold assessment. His responses to questions and to make an appointment was done in a timely manner. He is professional, honest and overall a very nice person to work with.
— Angela Cangemi, Valued Customer - Home Inspection and Mold Assessment
Polite, knowledgeable, thorough, and the final report was loaded with pictures and explanations. Highly recommend.
— Eric Cushing, Valued Customer - Home Inspection
I must say Jason was very thorough and knowledgeable. This was my first time hiring an inspector, and he made the entire process seamless. He was friendly and courteous and took the time to explain in detail. I would definitely hire him again and recommend him to anyone looking for an experienced inspector.
— Dina Bethea, Valued Customer - Home Inspection
Very professional handling of our mold situation. Timely and thorough initial inspection with a well documented inspection report. Coordinated with the remediation firm we selected and conducted a timely follow up inspection. The follow up resulted in discovering a spot the remediation firm missed. Jason coordinated with the firm to come back and complete the spot they originally missed.
— Kevin Hanson, Valued Customer - Mold Assessment
Jason is a top notch inspector that I would recommend to anyone. Very professional... extremely knowledgeable...detailed and thorough inspection reports...and most importantly...he keeps the best interests of his clients front and center at all times. Worked with him on two separate inspections this year and both were excellent.
— Jesse Bonanno, Valued Customer - Home Inspection
Our inspection was incredibly helpful, thorough and the pictures with arrows showed us every minor and major defect. This will be a key component in the direction we will take in purchasing this property and potential location for our day care. The report was so informative and explained every detail.
— Heather Stewart, Valued Customer - Home Inspection
Jason was an absolutely wonderful home inspector!!! We felt confident in his knowledge and his years of experience based upon numerous positive reviews. He was incredibly thorough and took his time to really search our potential house from top to bottom. We followed him through much of the inspection and he answered all of our questions that we had for him. He had the inspection report back to us within 24 hours. It was typed, with pictures, diagrams and descriptions and it was incredibly comprehensive. He even took the time to speak with us on several separate occasions regarding our concerns. We will absolutely be utilizing Jason in the future for our inspection needs.
— Ali Turner, Valued Customer - Home Inspection
Jason’s response was prompt and the communication was great. He performed indoor air testing (quick results). He was very professional and accommodating. He even took the time to answer some questions I had inspecting areas of the house that did not have to do with the service we requested. I highly recommend Jason and I would hire him in the future.
— Leonardo Correa, Valued Customer - Home Inspection
We hired Jason for an inspection in May of 2018 after deciding to move to the Albany area. This is the second time we purchased a home so we were familiar with the experience of working with an inspector. We were completely impressed with the level of detail Jason offered after reviewing the property we were interested in. Compared to our first home purchase, it was clear that Jason took great care in helping us understand the complete implications of moving into the house we were interested in. Our first inspector sent us a report and kind’ve disappeared without answering many questions to help us understand the report. Jason spent at least another hour with me on the phone explaining the things that were minor, the things that could possibly be problematic, and the things that we should absolutely take care of right away. He kept citing his experience from past roles and past cases to help me tie the report to real examples. We shopped the price around and while Jason was slightly more expensive than some other quotes, we gave him a shot because he came highly recommended by a colleague of ours. It was totally worth it to know exactly what we’re getting with our new home purchase.
— Tom Waters, Valued Customer - Home Inspection
I am very happy with the attic assessment Jason completed. He arrived on time and conducted himself in a professional manner. From the very beginning, he quickly responded to calls and continues to be readily available to answer questions after having finished the assessment. The written report he provided was thorough, included photos and was easy to understand. This report was especially helpful when it came time to hire a contractor for needed repairs. I would highly recommend Jason’s services.
— Suzanne Sinicropi, Valued Customer - Mold Assessment
Jason was very responsive and answered all my questions he provided me with a thorough inspection report, Will use again!
— Eric Fahlborg, Valued Customer - Home Inspection
This is the second time I’ve had the opportunity to use Bald Eagle Inspection Services. It is my pleasure to inform everyone that Jason goes above and beyond for his inspections. He inspected the home I plan on purchasing last evening and I received the inspection report this morning. Thank you Jason for looking out for my best interest!
— Deborah Blair, Valued Customer - Home Inspection
I read the other reviews on google like you are now and am very happy with my inspection. Jason is a very professional and thorough individual. He is quick to respond to any calls and emails, including the initial contact when I sought out his services. Unlike other inspectors I researched, Jason offered flexible hours compatible with my work schedule, including weekend slots. I received my inspection report the same day my inspection was performed. Jason does a great job making the inspection report easy for any person to interpret. He takes photographs of the whole house, including any issues he finds, and each issue is highlighted with red arrows to show you exactly what is wrong and where. There were things that Jason found that I didn’t even know could be issues. I showed his reports to various colleagues and friends and they all said the same thing: my inspector didn’t do that. I would recommend Jason’s services to anyone, he does not cut corners and is very deserving of all the praise hes given.
— Erik Ebbin, Valued Customer - Home Inspection
Mr. Federico was very professional. He took the time to explain the process in detail, and told me exactly what the problem was with my property. A detailed report of the inspection provided, I would highly recommend Bald Eagle Inspection Services.
— Sean and VIola Glaze, Valued Customer - Mold Assessment
Jason is awesome. Complete professional. The quality of his reports we’re top notch. His evaluation of the property was comprehensive and detailed. This is the fourth home I have purchased in my life and his work and service was the best I have received. Thanks, Tom
— Tom Woolridge, Valued Customer - Home Inspection
Jason performed an extremely thorough inspection for us on our potential home purchase. The level of detail provided in his reporting is excellent and would 100% recommend Bald Eagle to anyone looking for his services.
— Zachary Gearing, Valued Customer - Home Inspection
We were very impressed with Jason’s prompt response, knowledge and attention to detail. The report we received was very thorough and included documented photos to support the narrative. Definitely recommend!
— Kaitlin Carson, Valued Customer - Home Inspection
Performed great work and made my experience easy. Would refer him to anyone. Very professional and thorough with his work and communicated very well Thanks again.
— James Kennedy, Valued Customer - Mold Assessment
Jason was very helpful from the beginning to the end. I had a lot of questions about how and what is necessary for the inspection and once it was completed I had questions as well. He took the time to explain everything to me.
— Jennifer Manino, Valued Customer - Home Inspection
Jason is a real professional. Super easy to talk to and work with. He really took the time to answer all of my questions. You get a very detailed and thorough report at the end. I would highly recommend him.
— Mason Durrin, Valued Customer - Home Inspection and Septic Inspection
Amazingly thorough home inspection. Very professional and prompt service. I truly appreciated that when we had questions before and after the inspection, Jason didn’t hesitate to spend time explaining (and reexplaining) in detail. Highly recommended.
— Tracy Shannon, Valued Customer - Home Inspection
Jason performed a thorough inspection and described every detail to us. Great Experience!
— Zackary Dockstader, Valued Customer - Home Inspection and Septic Inspection
Jason was wonderful! Worked with us on an incredibly short deadline, answered all my silly questions while he was working, was WAY more thorough than I realized inspections would be including checking to make sure my windows opened easily! He was honest about the incredible age of our home and what that will entail in the future, but not at all discouraging. He also comes with his own septic guys saving us a huge annoying step! We would recommend him in an instant to anyone!
— Blythe Czwakiel, Valued Customer - Home Inspection and Septic Inspection
I couldn’t have asked for a better experience as a first time home buyer! Jason understood this was all new territory for me and took the time to explain every step of the process. He allowed me to follow him throughout the property during the course of the inspection and was very thorough. Jason was also available when I had questions further down the road. Working with quality individuals when you’re going through the home buying process is priceless! I had peace of mind knowing that my inspection report was comprehensive and returned to me in a timely fashion. Thank you Jason!
— A.K., Valued Customer - Home Inspection
Jason went above the call of duty as the water testing and flow rate were the last part of my refinance. He was able to accommodate me by doing the work on a Sunday. He was very professional in every respect. I highly recommend Bald Eagle Inspection Services.
— Mary Mochrie, Valued Customer - Water Testing
Jason was very professional throughout the process and always answered questions promptly. We had a particularly difficult foreclosure inspection and he is very knowledgeable and offers a full array of services and advice. I would highly recommend him for your home inspection.
— Kenneth Rechnitzer, Valued Customer - Home Inspection
Jason is knowledgeable, professional, and independent. He was quick to answer multiple questions both before and after the inspection and provided a detailed report on his findings. As a first-time home buyer I was glad to find an inspector who I felt was working for me.
— Joseph Rowley, Valued Customer - Home Inspection
Jason was flexible and a great person to work with. His reports was extremely detailed and was hug help in our home buying process.
— Kevin McNavich, Value Customer - Home Inspection
Jason was very thorough, knowledgeable and professional during our home inspection. I would definitely recommend him!
— Mary Monrose, Valued Customer - Home Inspection and Septic Inspection
I reached out to Jason for a Home Inspection/203k Initial Consultation on a property I am interested in. Jason has been concise, responsive, organized, and overall very helpful in the process thus far and I look forward to continuing working with him.
— Jake Karker, Valued Customer - Home Inspection and Budget Study
Jason is excellent to work with. Very responsive and dependable. His inspections are very thorough and his report is detailed and easy to understand. He spent 3 hours doing my inspection and had to come back a second time to inspect the roof since it was covered with snow the first time. He is very easy to contact and is willing to answer any questions at any time of day.
— Peter Miczek, Valued Customer - Home Inspection
Jason was professional and timely with our inspection last year. He was very thorough and made sure to document each area he checked regardless of the condition. I highly recommend Bald Eagle Inspection Services.
— Amanda Rodgers, Valued Customer - Home Inspection
An Excellent inspector who’s very helpful and knowledgeable. I appreciate Jason’s help in identifying and helping to solve the issue we had. I give my full recommendation without any reservation.
— Elison Weis, Valued Customer - Mold Assessment
Neil, Thanks again for your business and your kind review.
— Neil Fossett, Valued Customer - Home Inspection
Jason was great and thorough with the inspections and gave us a few ideas to better a few things.
— Nicole Mack, Valued Customer - Home Inspection and Mold Assessment
I Have him for two house inspections recently while looking to buy a house. he arrived on time and always did a full inspection of the house and answered any questions I had. The reports are also done either the day of the inspection or the day after and are very detailed as well. Would recommend!
— Alice Zhang, Valued Customer - Home Inspection and Mold Assessment
Jason from Bald Eagle Inspection Services was very detail oriented and thorough with our home inspection. He was very knowledgeable, professional, and personable and made the whole process easier. Jason’s report was extremely detailed and contained many photos depicting each of the issues described. We were very impressed with all the work done by Bald Eagle Inspection Service. We highly recommend this company!
— Katelyn Choiniere and Dave Gabelman, Valued Customer - Home Inspection and Mold Assessment
Easily the easiest phase of a somewhat complicated home purchase was working with Jason at Bald Eagle. He wants you to know what’s going on, is knowledgeable, professional, and understanding (first time homebuyers require more patience). My loan officer went out of her way to share her praise of the thoroughness and completion of his reports (no ongoing back-forth required for revisions). Put your mind at ease; you found who you need for home inspection, bank write-up, and FHA consultancy.
— Damali Wynter, Valued Customer - Budget Study
I honestly wish there were more stars. I strongly recommend Jason a true professional! Top notch equipment unlike some of the lessor professional companies out there. There was no doubt in my mind I would know exactly what was in my dwelling upon meeting and speaking with him, his 43+ page report proves I was right to put my trust in him! For anyone out there debating whether to spend money on these services I can assure you it’s money well spent to have the peace of mind that comes in knowing you’ve hired a TRUE professional and your results will be detailed and accurate. To hire less qualified people with lessor quality equipment is a utter waste of money!!! Jason is worth every dime!!! I HIGHLY recommend his services!!!
— Felicia Franklin, Valued Customer - Mold Assessment and Indoor Air Quality Testing
Very Professional. I would recommend to anyone needing home inspection services.
— Ryan Kramer, Valued Customer - Home Inspection
Thank you for the great experience! We will definitely recommend you to friends and family!
— Danielle Ernst, Valued Customer - Home Inspection
Bald Eagle Inspection was able to do the inspection within a few days of my initial call. He was thorough, pleasant and answered all of my questions. We would recommend Jason to anyone who is looking for a home inspection.
— Kenneth Robb, Valued Customer - Home Inspection
If you are planning to buy a new home, I strongly recommend Jason to do your inspection. From start to finish Jason was with me every step of the way. Over a 4 month period, he handled every aspect of my home inspection needs. He gave me excellent references for additional inspections I needed to have done. He answered the phone every time I had a question. If I couldn’t reach him, he made sure to call or email me. There wasn’t a question I had for him that he could not answer with complete confidence. He completed my home inspection and scheduled my septic inspection. He was on my side the entire time. As a licensed mold inspector he sampled and assessed our basement after he found signs of mold. He goes by the book and makes sure the remediation company is doing their job. He made sure I was the first and only recipient of any inspection report regardless of how hard the sellers or their agent pressured him. He made me feel like my family was his priority. I trust Jason to be completely honest, even if the news isn’t good. If I could do it again, I would make sure to contact Jason. I plan to recommend him for all my friends and family in the future. Thanks Jason! You saved me a ton of time and money. Good luck and best wishes! -Josh
— Josh McLean, Valued Customer - Home Inspection and Mold Assessment
Jason is extremely knowledgeable and professional. He performed a house inspection for us on Sunday of Labor day weekend. Great customer service!!
— Vicki Del Brocco, Valued Customer - Home Inspection
Was very professional, and knowledgeable regarding the inspection process. Will be using him again.
— Jared F., Valued Customer - Mold Assessment
Very knowledgeable in all aspect of home inspection. Arrived early and was very thorough in making sure everything that was needed was done correctly. Great service! Highly recommended.
— Todd Johnson, Valued Customer - Mold Assessment
Jason was great. Did a very good job on both the inspection and assessment I had done.
— Christine Yakubec, Valued Customer - Home Inspection and Mold Assessment
Well done
— Thumbtack, Valued Customer - Mold Assessment
Work was very professional and detailed. Jason himself was very informative.
— Thumbtack, Valued Customer - Mold Assessment
The absolute best!
— Emma Townsend, Valued Customer - Home Inspection
Excellent! Thorough and knowledgeable.
— Brian Smith, Valued Customer - Home Inspection
Jason responded immediately to my request and was out at the property the next day. He found mold in a rental we hadn’t moved into yet and saved us a lot of trouble! He was very professional, responsive, and punctual. We look forward to using his services again.
— Disha Spath, Valued Customer - Indoor Air Quality Assessment
I reached out to Jason for a recommendation of a competent remediation company, Jason’s recommendation was professional courteous and did the job properly. I am thankful for Jason’s help in selecting a qualified and experienced contractor.
— Riz Malik - Valued Customer - Mold Remediation
Quick, responsive, thorough and well documented findings. Highly recommend.
— Bob Phibbs, Valued Customer - Home Inspection
I had a great experience, I had my home inspected only days after requesting one. All information was well documented and Jason was right on time. He answered any and all questions. Over all couldn’t have asked for more.
— Michael Przekop, Valued Customer - Home Inspection
Jason’s knowledgeable approach and attention to detail is second to none. He is thorough and informative about his findings. Jason always takes time to answer every question and talk through any concerns. I recommend him to all of my clients with confidence.
— Tyler Rush - Coldwell Banker Realty, Valued Customer
This is an inspection company I highly recommend!
— Jesse Hyler, All Star Pest Solutions
Jason was professional, thorough and clearly explained the process.
— Jan Hempstead, Valued Customer - Mold Assessment
Jason was a pleasure to deal with. He was always incredibly fast responding to emails and calls, very thorough in his inspection and explained everything as he went along. He even went out of his way to inspect the roof of the property a few days earlier because of a huge snowstorm.
— Lynn Silvia, Valued Customer - Home Inspection
Bald Eagle Inspection Services was great! Really made our house buying experience easy, they were fast, friendly and honest. I would recommend this company to anyone looking to require a home inspection.
— Jeremy Messina, Valued Customer - Home Inspection


My mission is to provide honest, reliable, professional and experienced inspections with quality reports and many other professional services at a competitive price. I would greatly appreciate the opportunity to serve you with your inspection or consulting needs.

About Me


As the President of Bald Eagle Inspection Services, I have nearly two decades of practical experience in both residential and commercial construction industries. Much of my professional career has been spent as an Estimator and Project Manager for a large general contractor in New York State. I have a vast knowledge and experience background working with commercial and residential systems, components and proper building practices, including the successful completion of several multi-million dollar large scale building projects in the area, ranging from schools to medical facilities, MRI’s, laboratory and research facilities, chemical manufacturing facilities, warehouses, office buildings, and of course, residential properties. I also maintain a large network of subcontractors, suppliers, companies and organizations and am well respected throughout the industry.

Excellent, very professional experience from start to finish. Jason set very clear expectations and met every one of them. Very pleased, would strongly recommend his services.
— David Olsen, Valued Customer - Home Inspection and Indoor Air Quality Testing
Jason was extremely knowledgeable and performed his work both thoroughly and with speed. I would recommend him to anyone!
— Mike Murphy, Valued Customer - Mold Assessment And Indoor Air Quality Testing
Very knowledgeable, professional, and honest!
— Michael Lieberman, Valued Customer - Mold Assessment
Jason was very accommodating and thorough in his inspection of our potential home. Very personable and easy to communicate with, which is important when discussing an investment of this magnitude. Would highly recommend his services to anyone in need of a home inspection.
— Justin Wilson, Valued Customer - Home Inspection
Jason is very professional, knowledgeable, and wonderful to work with. We inquired for an indoor air quality test, and the information we received was incredibly thorough. Would definitely recommend!
— Yun Mi Park, Valued Customer - Indoor Air Quality Testing
Highly recommended. Jason was punctual, professional, knowledgeable & thorough. Buying a home can be a stressful experience, and he made our home inspection one less thing that we had to worry about. He was very clear & concise when communicating the process & his evaluations to us. Very quick response & turn around time. All around 5 star worthy.
— Jessica Russom, Valued Customer - Home Inspection and Indoor Air Quality Testing
I Used Bald Eagle Inspection Service in selling a house for my Aunt who is now in a home the new buyers and I tried to do it our self and both time the Radon level was high above 4.0. So I got on Google to see if I could find some help that’s when I found Jason when I called he was very nice and answer all my questions. After talking to the new buyers what I talked to Jason about we both decided to go ahead and have him do the test again. This time the test was done right and the Radon level was good so I would recommend Bald Eagle Inspection Service to anyone having an inspection done either to buy or selling a home do not try it yourself. Thank You Jason for all the help you gave me.
— David Wood, Valued Customer - Radon Testing
Jason’s help was amazingly insightful, thorough, knowledgeable and professional. We have had a very long road with some unusual items to deal with. Jason has gone far above and beyond the call of the job and the scope of work. We very much look forward to our continuing our relationship with him during the repair of our new home. Great job Jason and thank you so much from the bottom of our hearts.
— Ethan Kilburn, Valued Customer - 203(k) Consulting
Professional, reliable, friendly and very thorough ! Thank you so much Jason !!
— Valerie, Valued Customer - Home Inspection
Great work. The inspection report was very well done and thorough and was sent by the end of the day. Thank you.
— Jennifer Kim, Valued Customer - Home Inspection
The inspector was knowledgeable, and worked quickly. The final report was very detailed and quite helpful. It was also a very reasonable price.
— Ed Rodger, Valued Customer - Home Inspection
Great Home Inspector. Was on time to the inspection and very thorough. Very quick turn around on the inspection report! Would highly recommend!
— Sam Matthews, Valued Customer - Home Inspection
What a wonderful experience with Jason! He truly has the best interest of his customers at hand. Very open with communication, scheduled quickly and is very personable. Jason was very knowledgeable about the work that he does. When doing our mold assessment and home inspection, he thoroughly explained each and every part to us - amazing. We will definitely be back for business! Thank you Jason - Bald Eagle Inspection Services - for making this a great experience for us for our first home!!!
— Kara Holmes, Valued Customer - Home Inspection and Mold Assessment
I’m in the process of finalizing a 203K loan with Jason as my FHA consultant. He’s literally been the easiest part of this process for myself, contractor, and the bank (timely responses to emails, effort to confirm clarity when discussing what’s happening/needs to be done/what will happen, etc.). great professional that’s knowledgeable about his work, good at what he does, AND a nice guy. I will happily recommend and would use in future.
— Damali Wynter, Valued Customer - 203(k) Consulting
Very thorough inspection. Ahead of schedule and super nice team! Explains anything of concern and gives absolutely 100% honest opinion. Definitely recommended.
— Morgan Pakatar, Valued Customer - Home Inspection
Jason Federico was knowledgeable, patient and polite. His recommendations were helpful and saved us money.
— Thumbtack, Valued Customer - Mold Assessment
We are the sellers of a home that Jason inspected for a buyer. I wanted to say it was great to see a professional who treated everyone with fairness and respect. He performed a very detailed inspection and I would recommend him to anyone who is buying or selling a property.
— Michael McQuatters, Valued Customer - Home Inspection
This is the first time I worked with Bald Eagle Inspection Services and I was very impressed. I will recommend them for future inspections in the Saratoga area.
— Maryanne Marino, Marino's Saratoga Realty, Valued Customer
Very thorough, professional and was able to accommodate our busy schedules. I would recommend.
— Star Renzi, Valued Customer - Home Inspection
I am an out of state real estate investor and Jason performed inspections and budget estimates for 5 properties that I had under contract. He is one of the best inspectors I’ve ever had the pleasure to work with. He is laser focused on delivering quality work and keeping an open line of communication with his customers. He went above and beyond to deliver the work on a very tight timeline. Highly recommend working with him and I know I will be reaching out to him in the future when I need this type of work.
— Alex Montiel, Five Star Property Solutions, Valued Customer - Budget Analysis
We found Jason to be very professional responding to our questions in an expeditious manner during all hours of the day. He was punctual and demonstrated excellence and commitment to his work. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for a quality job at a reasonable price!
— Jim Price and Karin Hall, Valued Customers - Home Inspection
Jason was so responsive and detail oriented. He explained things in much greater detail than I was expecting and it was quite refreshing. I would highly recommend him for any of his services.
— Susan Cerone - RealtyUSA, Valued Customer - Mold Assessment
Very knowledgeable and extremely helpful with suggestions and any questions that I had.
— Lynne Boyens, Valued Customer - Indoor Air Quality Assessment
Jason goes above and beyond for his clients. As a realtor, I can only recommend Jason as highly as possible to other realtors and homebuyers who need a home inspection or mold assessment. He knows his stuff (like super knowledge) and presents the information clearly. He returns the home inspection report as quickly as anyone. Worthy of a 5 star review for sure.
— Chris Nowak - Keller Williams Realty, Valued Customer
Jason was everything I could have hoped for in an inspector. This was my first home, and he allowed me to walk around with him and ask questions. His background in contracting provides him with a wealth of knowledge. He went out of his way to make sure this was a smooth experience for me and my wife. Highly recommend.
— Dan Cooper, Valued Customer - Home Inspection
Jason was very efficient and thorough with the house inspection. He was available within a few days of contacting him, and arrived promptly at designated time. Jason explained the process as needed, and willingly answered all questions asked. Would recommend his services to anyone.
— Aaron Descisciolo, Valued Customer - Home Inspection
Jason completed a structural inspection and radon testing on short notice for me. He already began the inspection prior to my arrival, pointed out several items that would eventually need repair and I was amazed at how quickly he sent the inspection report and gave knowledgeable details. He was also efficient with letting me and my realtor know when we would receive the results for the radon testing.
— Nicole Gabriel, Valued Customer - Home Inspection
We used Jason to inspect our prospective home and my wife and I couldn’t be happier. He was very thorough and was able to point out many things that we didn’t notice. He arrived prior to us and began walking the property, very nice and punctual. Jason was also very good about the ever changing schedule that he kept receiving from us, as the first house we looked at didn’t work out and then a snowstorm mucking up the other time. All and all I would Highly recommend Bald Eagle inspections.
— Joshua Silvia, Valued Customer - Home Inspection
Jason. We would like to thank you for your time and attention to detail on the inspection of our home that we purchased. Your detailed report of the inspection saved us a lot of money on needed repairs that were overlooked. Seller agreed to have all repairs done and we couldn’t be happier with our new home thanks to you.
— Sam And Linda Therrien, Valued Customers - Home Inspection
I called Jason to help me out with what I worried to be a mold problem. I am a first time home owner and honestly did not know much about what I should be looking for. Jason responded right away and came the very next day to do the assessment. During the assessment, Jason explained his equipment, what he was using each piece for, and what the outcomes meant. He was very knowledgable. I felt comfortable to ask questions and know I was getting a true answer. Jason was in contact over the next few days about the status of my report which I received quickly. I am very glad I hired Jason with Bald Eagle Inspections and would recommend him to anyone.
— Khalan Heid, Valued Customer - Mold Assessment
We recently met with our realtor to discuss buying our first home. When she mentioned having an inspection completed, I immediately mentioned Bald Eagle Inspection Services and she agreed. Jason was at the property before we arrived and spent his time walking us through the process, informing us of his findings in a prompt and professional manner. Jason was extremely thorough and left us feeling very informed about our pending purchase. We highly recommend Bald Eagle Inspection Services!
— Amanda Rogers, Valued Customer - Home Inspection
Jason did four inspections for me: Mold, Wood-Destroying Insects, Well Water Quality, and Well Water Yield. He explained the process over Thumbtack, showed up on-time, did the inspections in the time he’d estimated, and gave me a very thorough written report.

During the inspections for mold and pests, he walked me through the house and explained what he saw and his recommendations. I’d highly recommend Jason.

I understand Jason also does Home Inspections, and I’m sure he’d do a very thorough job.
— Margot Tohn, Valued Customer - Mold Assessment
Jason is a top-notch professional who happily answers all your questions no matter how trivial. He gives a very detailed report and his depth of knowledge and experience are a huge asset to any home buyer.
— Jessica Proud, Valued Customer - Home Inspection
Two of my clients have used Bald Eagle Inspection Services in the past month. Jason is courteous, accommodating and professional. My clients were very satisfied with his services and his detailed inspection reports. I highly recommend Jason and Bald Eagle Inspection Services.
— Lynn LeCours - Equitas Realty, Valued Customer
I used Jason to do an inspection recently and it was a great experience. His years of experience in the construction industry provides a great deal of value to his customer
— Dave Blair, Valued Customer - Home Inspection
Jason was beyond thorough and saved me from purchasing a property that would’ve ended up costing me in repairs. His inspection opened up my eyes to what to look out for when purchasing a piece of property before entering into a contract. When I find the right property, Jason will be the inspector I call, without a doubt.
— Todd Burge, Valued Customer - Home Inspection
Jason was very knowledgable and helpful with explaining things and also answering all our questions. He was very thorough with his inspection and had great attention to detail. Jason saved us from a bad purchase. We would absolutely use him again and would recommend him to family and friends.
— Pat Sleasman, Valued Customer - Home Inspection
I used Bald Eagle Inspection Services last week remotely, from California. Jason was so professional, helpful, and reliable. He changed his schedule to accommodate me and the realtor. He waited patiently for her and was super speedy in returning the results. I recommend Bald Eagle 100%!
— Heather Lewis Sebring, Valued Customer - Radon Testing
Jason Federico @ Bald Eagle Inspection Services works after hours and even on Sunday’s! He’s extremely thorough, courteous and professional..easy to work with and my clients loved him😃) If you or anyone you know is looking for an agent, CALL ME!! I love what I do, and hopefully it shows!!!! Have a great week everyone!!!!
— Lynn LeCours - Equitas Realty, Valued Customer
I have used Bald Eagle Inspection Services over three times now and each time they impress me more than the last. Professional, courteous, knowledgeable, attention to detail, are all things that come to mind when I think of this company. The reports are so easy to read and I’ve received them within a day of inspection! Jason makes the process smooth and makes me look super good to my clients. His many years of experience in high end commercial construction have proved very useful to my clients as well, who have hired him independently to estimate or project manage new properties or expansion. I HIGHLY recommend Jason and Bald Eagle Inspection Services to everyone I know.
— Dona Federico - Select Sotheby's International Realty, Valued Customer
Jason was a god send to us when we needed an inspector to help with a contractor dispute. He was available, reliable, thorough, and precise with his inspection. I couldn’t have asked for a more qualified person! I Highly recommend his services.
— Crystal Norton, Valued Customer - Consulting Services
Very knowledgeable, answered all my questions, explained everything in detail. He made me feel very comfortable about the purchase of my new home! I would definitely recommend Jason to anyone who needs a home inspection.
— Jesse Walsh, Valued Customer -Home Inspection
Working with Bald Eagle Inspections was very fast and easy. Jason was friendly and helpful and explained everything that needed to be done very well. I would highly recommend Bald Eagle Inspections to anyone looking for any sort of building inspection!
— Joanna Wilbur, Valued Customer - Home Inspection
Jason not only showed up early but was more than professional, did a thorough job and really impressed us overall. I would recommend him to any first time home buyers for an inspector you can trust.
— Scott Seyboth, Valued Customer - Home Inspection
Very thorough and helpful with his recommendations for me as a first time home buyer. Would use him again if needed.
— Brandy Cross, Valued Customer - Home Inspection
Jason was very thorough with the inspection.He was referred to me and I was happy with his work and time.
— Justin Bauer, Valued Customer - Home Inspection
Excellent!! Would recommend anytime!
— Kevin Altamura - ABC Emergency Response, Valued Customer
I recommend Jason highly for home inspections. He is professional and thorough.
— Douglas Walled, Valued Customer - Home Inspection
Very thorough and knowledgeable. Did a great job!
— Tyler Rush - Coldwell Banker, Valued Customer
We had a home purchase inspection done. Including pest inspection. Jason was more than efficient he was very detailed in his inspection. He not only checked for mold, weakness in the structure, water and power sources, heating sources, appliances and so much more!!!!! He explained everything along the way, the things that he was looking for and that we needed to know for our new home.
— Monica Reed, Value Customer - Home Inspection
Jason arrived promptly on time to do a house inspection, he was courteous and explained everything well. His findings were extremely thorough, the report was well written and explanatory. I’m very pleased that we had Jason do this home inspection and will pass along his business to future home buyers. If in need of another inspection I will contact Bald Eagle Inspection again.
— Cynthia Short, Valued Customer - Home Inspection
He was on time, worked with my schedule, and was both very professional and helpful. I would gladly recommend him to anyone needing a house inspection.
— Steven Floch, Valued Customer - Home Inspection
Very throughout inspections of home we are purchasing. Extremely detailed report with everything documented for our review. Very pleased and would recommend.
— James and Meredith Woolford, Valued Customers - Home Inspection
Great inspector, I was impressed with his knowledge! Very reliable and quick response!
— Mike Gins, Valued Customer - Home Inspection
Jason was prompt for the appointment and very thorough. Always answered his texts within seconds. I was very impressed with his professionalism. Would recommend him in a heartbeat!
— Susan Kaytar, Valued Customer - Home Inspection
Jason was great to work with. He went above and beyond to answer any questions or concerns that we had in a way that I was able to clearly understand. He is very knowledgeable and was able to provide a very thorough inspection report with a quick turn around. I would highly recommend him for home inspections.
— Dominick Centurioni, Valued Customer - Home Inspection
I recently had Jason do an inspection for me on a property that I am considering to buy. Jason was very thorough and explained what he was looking at as we completed the inspection. His knowledge of buildings is unmatched is his profession. It was a pleasure working with him and I received my inspection report within the time frame he told me it would take, which was approximately a day.
— Dave Blair, Valued Customer - Home Inspection
Jason came to the house we were buying and was on time which was huge for me! He was very professional and very detailed in his inspection and his inspection report.. He took great pictures and had great info for any and each issue he found.. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for a home inspection during their buying process. He even came back out a couple weeks after the initial visit to re inspect a section in the garage that I had concerns over and didn’t charge us for it! All in all a 5 star effort!!
— Neil Fossett, Valued Customer - Home Inspection
Very professional with his inspections. I found Jason to be very personable, he also didn’t mind my questions that I was asking. I did ask a lot of questions as this is my first house I’m trying to buy. Also very knowledgeable on codes and updates to current codes. Would recommend for home inspections of all types.
— Richard Bussing, Valued Customer - Home Inspection
Jason was thorough and explained the science behind the mold detection equipment well.
— James O'Connor, Valued Customer - Indoor Air Quality Assessment
Very thorough inspection, very much appreciate Jason’s attention to detail and years of experience in the industry. You will not be disappointed hiring this team.
— Nick Smith, Valued Customer - Home Inspection
Service was courteous, professional, attentive and thorough from the time I first called to inquire about a home inspection through to the end. After finishing as substantial inspection, where he looked in every nook and cranny, at 7pm, Jason sent the report to us that same night. He even followed up the next day with more thoughts about the house. He’s a super hard worker and we whole heartedly recommend him.
— Linda Infurna, Valued Customer - Home Inspection