Well Yield Testing Protocol

During a well yield test we attempt to substantially reduce the flow within the time period of the test to determine insufficient well recovery rate. The average GPM that a well can produce is determined by many factors including, but not limited to pipe sizes, fixture flow rates, pump size and well depth. Since individual demands differ, results that are acceptable for some may not be for others. Acceptable results require 180 gallons within a 60 min time period. For more information regarding well flow and yield please visit. http://inspectapedia.com/water/Well_Flow_Rate.php

Bald Eagle Inspection Services protocol for conducting a well yield test: Typically the test is run from an exterior hose bib which supplies water at a maximum of 24 GPM (gallons per minute). A digital water flow meter is attached to the hose bib and water is turned to full capacity for one minute, the one minute GPM capacity is logged. The flow capacity is reduced to between 3 and 4 gallons per minute and confirmed several times over the duration of the test. This flow is maintained for 59 minutes. At the conclusion of the test the total gallons produced is recorded and divided by 60 minutes for total GPM over the duration of the test. If flow of water is substantially reduced or stops, it can be concluded that the well is not capable of producing 3 GPM of water at the time of the test.

This is not a "5 gallon bucket test," this test is conducted at the highest level capable by a home inspector.

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